About Us

Simone’s is a unique bar and grill located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.  It is a great place to grab a drink and a meal, as well as a fantastic environment for hobnobbing with friends and neighbors, listening to a DJ, and attending a gallery exhibition or cultural event.

The interior of Simone’s is undeniably unique. Crafted in many cases from remaindered building materials, decorative ephemera and bits and pieces of original architectural elements, the decor inside Simone’s ranges from a bar top built from a bowling alley lane to graffiti-scarred high school chemistry table tops to booths and a DJ station built from old pinball machines.   Using vintage and remaindered materials is part of Simone’s environmentally friendly operations, something that includes a rooftop herb garden and banks of solar panels.

Simone’s offers a fantastic platform for performance and presentation, including two main rooms, each with its own premium sound and PA systems. Hovering over the end of the front room, beyond the bowling lane bar, is the main DJ booth, complete with a cage to hold all the groupies.  Around the corner of the front room lies a columned seating area with booths woven of old seat belts.  Following the rear walls of the front room is a band of graffiti created by local street artists.  Through the doors at the back of the front room is Simone’s Lab, another bar and performance area which focuses on art exhibition, salon-style discussions and performance and cultural events. Sound fun? We think it is! Come by and join us for food and libations in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.