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Nov 16th

November 3rd, 2018

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Our goals at Simone’s have always been to unite the community through music and conversation, and to provide an affordable and environmentally friendly restaurant for the community.

We strive to be a venue where people of all backgrounds and experiences can come together to share ideas and feel welcome doing so.

We have done this over the past 10 years with the support of many community organizations and individuals based in and around Pilsen.

It is the people that come to Simone’s and the people that work at Simone’s that make our establishment what it is.

We understand that there is a lot of political tension in our country and community right now and we are hurting with you. We also know violence against women, people of color, and people of the LGBTQ community is a very real thing that many people face daily — we do not support, tolerate, or participate in discrimination, hateful speech or violence of any kind.

Simone’s deeply regrets that this situation occurred and we are saddened by how it has affected everyone involved, including our staff and the community as a whole.

We tried to participate in finding a resolution where both parties could meet and discuss the matter, however, once it was brought to our attention that people had begun harassing our staff and their families that option was taken off the table.

These actions included:

  • Threatening violence on multiple staff members within their own community.
  • Releasing the personal information of a staff member’s mother, including her phone number and home address. Calling her 27 times and leaving voicemails calling her obscene names in addition to other cyber bullying tactics.
  • Threatening patrons and performers of our venue.
  • Threatening retaliation on our staff when patronizing other local business.

We understand the hurt, but cannot condone the aforementioned actions.

Speaking for ourselves, we see an area for improvement in that, had we had someone outside, we would have had the opportunity to diffuse the conversation before it had escalated. Moving forward, our outside presence will be more frequent with the goal of preventing verbal disagreements from escalating into physical confrontations.

We are also in conversation with all of our staff and entertainment partners to reaffirm a culture of respect and openness so that our patrons can reach out to any member of our team if there is any problem or concern. We understand that sometimes it’s challenging to ask for help but everyone here at Simone’s is committed to being as accessible as possible for our patrons.

Again, we are always striving to learn and grow so that we can better serve our community. After some hesitation, but at the request of people in our community, we have decided to release video footage to be fully transparent regarding this matter. We ask that anyone involved, especially patrons or supporters of Simone’s, refrain from any name-calling or offensive language. Click here for access to our full video and also a supplementary video from a 3rd party.

Please know that everyone on staff is here to help. If something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, no matter how minor it may seem, you can inform any member of our staff and we will work with you to help resolve your issue.

We look forward to healing and learning together as a community and if you would like to reach out to us to foster a positive and constructive dialogue, you can reach us at

Thank you.

-The Simone’s Family